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Mindy Hoffman, MA, LPC, NCC

Is your mental health effecting your everyday life? Do you find yourself wishing you had more support or a safe space to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions? If so, counseling might just be what you need in your life.

Outside of my advocacy and education work with eating disorders, I enjoy seeing adults and adolescents with a variety of needs such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues. I am trained in EMDR and work with clients suffering from PTSD and other areas where EMDR can be helpful. 

Connection is vital for healing in life. I believe therapy is a great outlet to better your life and find more peace. Please email or call now to schedule a free phone consultation with me. I'm here for you!



Mindy attended Southeast Missouri State University, in Cape Girardeau, MO where she received her Bachelor's of Science in Biology. She attended Denver Seminary in Denver, CO and received a Master's of Clinical Mental Health and Counseling. She currently sees clients both virutally and in person in Denver, CO. 




Connection is vital in life. I believe that vulnerability leads to connection. I believe the opposite of addiction is connection! I value connecting with my faith, nature, and other people. You will usually find me journaling to dig deeper into my thoughts and feelings, spending time with my friends, or adventuring on top of a mountain in summer or winter. I am also a lover of all sports, especially basketball, soccer, and gymnastics. I am looking forward to connecting with you!



Middle Ground.

Many clients struggle with “all or nothing” or “black and white” thinking. This type of thinking is met with the idea of what is the middle ground or the gray. I am a black and white thinker and have worked hard to live in the gray. However, I feel the color gray is boring and I needed a more adventurous color. I changed my gray to the hot pink! If you are an individual that is a black and white thinker too, come join me in “living in the hot pink” or any color that works for your life!


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Types of Therapy.

I work from a person-centered approach combined with dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and EMDR. While these are most natural for me, I am equipped and can adjust to work with your individual unique needs and goals. I am here to support you as you begin to heal. The counseling session is for you. I will meet you where you are as your work towards your therapeutic goals.


Please call, email, or fill out the form if you have questions about counseling or need information about speaking engagements and guest blogging.


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