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A Personal Story of Eating Disorder Recovery and a Clinical Perspective
Sunday, January 28, 2024

Please join Mindy Hoffman, MA, LPC, NCC and Dr. Tamara Pryor, PHD, FAED for a speaking engagement. Mindy will share her personal story of eating disorder recovery. Dr. Pryor will provide clinical interpretation of Mindy's story and researched-based information about eating disorders. Both Mindy and Dr. Pryor have an unique way of educating anyone on eating disorders through their presentation. They have been speaking together since 2018. Feedback from attendees include those struggling feeling less alone, empowered, hopeful and encouraged. Loved ones of those struggling with eating disorders feeling less frustration, helplessness, and more of an understanding of the disorder.  Those who have little to no experience with eating disorders find themselves walking away more educated on the topic. 

*This event is open to anyone. Limited tickets are available. 

Learn more about Dr. Tamara Pryor, PHD, FAED



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