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Where’s the Ski Gear in my Size?

Throughout my eating disorder, my body has been in a variety of sizes. When my body was in a thinner body, I had no problem finding cute ski clothing to wear that fit perfectly. When my body changed into a bigger body, I found myself thinking, “I’m so fat I can’t even find ski clothes to wear.” The message I heard when nothing in the store would go over my thighs was, “If you want to have ski clothes, you need to lose weight.” Which translated in my head to, “I’m less of a pe


Before you get started reading, this is a longer post. Feel free to browse, read at once, or break it up in chunks. Whatever works for you. I'm grateful you are reading! I love doing my "best nine" post to see which posts had the most likes throughout the year on #instagram with the #2018bestnine website. I thought I would reflect about each photo and share my intentions for 2019. If you haven't seen my video for EDCare about New Year's Intentions instead of Resolutions, you

Fall-Unexpected Rhythms in Sadness and Glory

I was captivated by this tree yesterday. I’ve experienced recent unexpected changes with my treatment team. Another form of grief and loss in life, not only recovery. These things are out of my control and are circumstances that have nothing to do with me. I can’t deny the hurt of having clinicians, who I’ve entrusted, with the raw, intricate, secretive, and tender parts of my story, heart, and soul move onto other opportunities. I also can’t deny the healing these beautiful

Pen Pals

One of my favorite things in life is being pen pals with my friends. For me, self care is writing notes and cards to friends each week. And yes, I’m actually handwriting the cards. I use my favorite pens and sharpies, find the best cards, and sometimes make the cards. I like my words and the card to uniquely fit each each friend I’m writing. It’s an intentional process for me to love my friends well. Some of you may wonder how writing someone else is self care. The process is

What's All This Hot Pink About?

I'm so excited to officially have a blog up and running. My name is Mindy. I live in Colorado. I love all things outdoors winter, spring, summer, and fall. My favorite things in life include mountains, sunshine, waterfalls, friends, family, live acoustic music, Jesus, writing, having deep conversations over coffee, adventure, YoungLife, and being a recovery advocate for eating disorders. My intention is to be authentic, passionate, and real in all my posts. I hope what I wri