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Pen Pals

One of my favorite things in life is being pen pals with my friends. For me, self care is writing notes and cards to friends each week. And yes, I’m actually handwriting the cards. I use my favorite pens and sharpies, find the best cards, and sometimes make the cards. I like my words and the card to uniquely fit each each friend I’m writing. It’s an intentional process for me to love my friends well. 

Some of you may wonder how writing someone else is self care. The process is soothing and cathartic for me. I like to write in general. I try to write daily whether it be journaling or sending a card. I sometimes even write notes to myself. It's important to love myself too.

For me, there is something calming about a perfect pen touching a blank piece of paper. I can hear the sound of the pen swishing on the paper as I write individual letters into words and form sentences. Hopefully, my sentences convey love, encouragement, humor, interest, and curiosity for my pen pals.

The other self care piece of having pen pals is that I receive cards too! Yesterday my friend Abbie sent me the sweetest note of encouragement. The timing is always perfect, so it seems. My friends write me the words I need at the right time. 

Do any of you hand write cards? Do you receive handwritten notes too? Try sending a loved one a handwritten note this week. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks Abbie, Olivia, Kirsten, and Emily :)!

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