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You Look Like You've Lost Weight

I’ve been sick for about 10 days. I had a cold. My normal one I get every year either in February or March. As with most of us, I’m assuming, our appetite changes when we are sick. Well for me anyway. I don’t have much of an appetite. I don’t eat as much. Once I’m over the worst part of my cold, my appetite comes back. I eat everything in sight because I’m so hungry, then I go back to my “norm” for what my body needs. Last week, a friend, who knows my story, said to me, “You

Values and Recovery

Guest speaking is my FAVORITE part of what I get to do in the eating disorder recovery community! I speak at EDCare in Denver, CO often. Every time I share my journey of how my eating disorder started, what the struggles of turning away from the disorder were, the joys, happiness, courage, and strength to maintain recovery, I’m blown away by reflecting on my progress. It’s easy to forget how far I’ve come! There are times I’m sharing my story and I remember sitting in the sam

If You Post that Pic, Crop it First

I have been fighting with myself on this blog post daily for about two weeks. I was skiing Vail (two weeks ago) with my friend. We took so many pictures. I posted a few on my instagram that day. She took the picture below of me. When I saw the picture, all I could focus on were the things CULTURE and DIET CULTURE tells me I should and need to change about my body to be happy. As I looked at the photo, I said, "If you post that pic, crop it first!" Followed by, "Ugh I feel ter