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If You Post that Pic, Crop it First

I have been fighting with myself on this blog post daily for about two weeks. I was skiing Vail (two weeks ago) with my friend. We took so many pictures. I posted a few on my instagram that day. She took the picture below of me.

When I saw the picture, all I could focus on were the things CULTURE and DIET CULTURE tells me I should and need to change about my body to be happy. As I looked at the photo, I said, "If you post that pic, crop it first!" Followed by, "Ugh I feel terrible for even saying that considering all the things I write and post about. Actually, post it as it is. Cropping the photo to look better doesn't align with my values."

So, today, the picture makes its' debut. Having a few weeks of reflection on this situation as well as looking at the photo today, I see and feel differently than in the moment.

I see me. I am fully being myself and in my happy place #VailMountain !!! I love to be on top of the mountain! I see a gorgeous background and a woman who is free and is full of JOY, I see a friend hanging out with a wonderful friend at Vail. Here's some more mountain for you! #nofilterneeded #nocropping #bodyimage #bopo #edrecovery

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