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Where’s the Ski Gear in my Size?

Throughout my eating disorder, my body has been in a variety of sizes. When my body was in a thinner body, I had no problem finding cute ski clothing to wear that fit perfectly. When my body changed into a bigger body, I found myself thinking, “I’m so fat I can’t even find ski clothes to wear.” The message I heard when nothing in the store would go over my thighs was, “If you want to have ski clothes, you need to lose weight.” Which translated in my head to, “I’m less of a pe

Having A Cold Can Be Triggering

I have been super sick this week. I flew home for Thanksgiving. On Saturday, when flying back to Denver, I started feeling sick. Not only did I feel sick, but my flight was delayed by two hours. Once I got to DIA, I missed the last train to the Park N Ride where I left my car by 20 minutes. I ended up having to pay $42 to Lyft to my car when the train would have been free for me. Again, I was not feeling well, and the 20-minute drive home was super icy. I finally walked into


The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) hosts walks all over the country each year. NEDA is the largest non-profit that advocates, provides support, and education for those struggling with an eating disorder or loved ones seeking help and information. The walks are a fundraising opportunities for NEDA. This year, 60% of the proceeds raised to directly back to The Eating Disorder Foundation of Denver (EDF). They hosted the event this year. The event allows for particip