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Having A Cold Can Be Triggering

I have been super sick this week. I flew home for Thanksgiving. On Saturday, when flying back to Denver, I started feeling sick. Not only did I feel sick, but my flight was delayed by two hours. Once I got to DIA, I missed the last train to the Park N Ride where I left my car by 20 minutes. I ended up having to pay $42 to Lyft to my car when the train would have been free for me. Again, I was not feeling well, and the 20-minute drive home was super icy. I finally walked into

Why Do Numbers Hold So Much Power?

The past week has been incredibly stressful. I have struggled with allowing myself to not become too overwhelmed by the competing priorities in my life: main job, part time job, graduate school, #YoungLife, my own therapy, tests, papers, meetings, advocacy work, homework, and my very minimal social life (which I hope is temporary). Tonight, I stop for a moment to reflect. I am taking a break from my books to write because it makes me happy! I need to feel sane tonight! I am l

How's Your Aspen?

Fall is around the corner. It is my favorite season. I love being able to layer my clothes, wear my Patagonia vests, anticipate ski season, drink hot coffees, and see the aspens change. As I was hiking through the mountains gazing at the golden aspens this weekend, I thought about seasons in nature. These thoughts quickly turned into metaphor for the seasons of my own life. Recovery has many seasons. I am currently in a new season. I can relate to an aspen tree. My leaves hav

What's All This Hot Pink About?

I'm so excited to officially have a blog up and running. My name is Mindy. I live in Colorado. I love all things outdoors winter, spring, summer, and fall. My favorite things in life include mountains, sunshine, waterfalls, friends, family, live acoustic music, Jesus, writing, having deep conversations over coffee, adventure, YoungLife, and being a recovery advocate for eating disorders. My intention is to be authentic, passionate, and real in all my posts. I hope what I wri