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The Opposite of Addiction is Connection

This summer, I have been fortunate to spend quality time connecting with my friends-my community. I was reflecting this evening on how far I have grown. A big part of my growth is because of the wonderful friends and mentors that have stuck by me during the depths of my eating disorder. My friends stayed with me even I was so crazy, frustrating, and hopeless. My friends are still walking with me in recovery too!

I have so much regret for things I missed, shame for the way I acted when I was sick, and guilt for the years of my life I missed. However, I have so much joy, grace, compassion, and gratitude because my real friends and mentors are still here. I have joy because I know moving forward I am free from my eating disorder and can show up present in my life. Relationships are difficult. All relationships consist of boundaries, heartache, hurt, joy, fun, and everything in between. It is in the hard times we fight for each other, we support one another, we communicate honestly and respectfully, and we pray.

Today, I want each of you to know how grateful I am for our continued friendship, your love, your grace, and your willingness to not give up on me when I thought I would die from my eating disorder. I love that you are still an important part of my life today. I’m grateful for our laughs, tears, hard times, and silly times.

The opposite of addiction is connection.


I love you.


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